Friday, December 30, 2005


It's the day before New Year's eve, and I found a prayer that describes it all!

"I'm tired, LORD, but I'll lift one foot if you'll lift the other for me."

Saidie Patterson, England

So, in the spirit of adding hyperlinks, I looked up Saidie Patterson, you can see what I got by clicking her name above. If I got the right Saidie Patterson, she was one of those people in the world who keep on going to change not only her life, but the life of others, perhaps even the future of the world. People who change the world get tired, I'm sure and working for Peace in Ireland would be tiring work. Maybe packing my house and chasing three kids isn't so hard after all.

We all get tired doing whatever we are doing, changing the world one day at a time. When we do, it's good to remember that no matter how alone we feel, we are not. God is there lifting both of our feet to keep us on the path created for us in the beginning of time.

May God keep lifting your feet and hearts and hands as you begin this new year.


Starting out

We start at the very beginning, which is always the end of something else. My Mentor finally got his blog of the year 2005, and showed me how as well. I hope I'll be able to share some thoughts as the new year progresses, my world changes completly, and life goes on as normal.

2005 was the year of anticipation, waiting and agony. It was also the year of discovery, new birth and new beginnings. Sounds pretty normal, right? We'll see what the new year brings as I pack up my life in New York and move most of it to Minnesota.