Wednesday, May 16, 2007

All Washed Up

The Baptism of our Lord is celebrated in the winter, when it's cold, and no one is thinking of climbing in a river or lake for a swim. (then you jump on the lake for a skate!)

Now, however, playing in the puddles, the sprinklers and the pools is an every-five-days occurance. (it takes that long to get back up to 85) Which means my kids are always coming in dirty. M especially likes to play in the dirt and J gets sand in his hair on a regular basis, N is starting to smell like a teenager!

Every night, I give them a bath. Every morning, they get dirty.

Does God ever just breath a big sigh when we walk down the aisle from baptism or communion and think, "will this ever end?"

Seventy times Seven, or forever and always. God will wash us clean from our sin. And just as many times we will get dirty again.

Thank God for enough water for a bath or two each day!

Thank God for kids who can go outside and play and get dirty!

Thank God for forgiving me when I get dirty, since I can not stay clean on my own!

Thank God!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Pick up Sticks

My son continually asks me "what can fly in the wind?" I think up things like leaves, flower petals, pieces of paper. He guesses tractor tires and trucks. I guess he is right. The tornado in Greensburg, Kansas tossed trucks around like tinker-toys.

The winds of life blow us around too, unless we are tethered to something stronger than the wind. The knots that tie us to Christ and the unmovable foundation that is His Love are many and varied.




A child's smile

An Elder's thanks

Songs of praise and thanksgiving

Psalms of lament and fear

Knowing that someone is holding the other end of the rope who loves us with a strength greater than any tornado, hurricane, flood or fire.

Peace to all who are blown about by the disasters of this world. May you find strength and comfort at the end of your rope.

See more pictures of Greensburg Here.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Jonah's Birthday

Jonah turned 4 and we Dumped him!

Dump trucks full of "dirt" were the hit of the party. He and Miriam spend so much time in the dirt in the backyard it seemed appropriate.

Grandpa Hackbart made little wooden cars, and the cousins got to decorate their own car. Everyone was very creative.

Of Course it rained during the party, but we cleared out the garage so that the kids could ride bikes. Jonah's new two-wheeler is a big hit.

He is always smart and wears his helmet. Click here for more pictures