Sunday, January 22, 2006

We're Here!

After 1200 plus miles and 28 hours we have arrived in St. Paul Minnesota! It is good to be in our new "home". Right now we are living with Peter's parents until our house sells and we find a new one here.

The Dads drove the big 26' truck, and Peter and I drove Miriam in the minivan. It was a rather uneventful trip, especially for mid-January. We hit the road about 6:30 AM after saying goodbye to Noah, and just kept driving.

We had lunch south of Buffalo, and finally stopped for dinner in Sturgis. ( I'm not sure how we got to South Dakota without going through Chicago!)

Tuesday we got rained on as we drove around Chicago, but no ice. It dried up during our long stretch through Wisconsin, and we arrived in St. Paul by supper time.

All is cold here, not much snow. Jonah got new hair!

More later!


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