Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Just the Box, Mom!

We're getting settled in our new house, it's never just a matter of moving the stuff into the house and living, there's so many little things to do! But the kids are transitioning well. They don't need much, a box, a swingset, and someone to go running through the sprinklers with and they are happy.

Moving is such sweet sorrow. The excitement of finding a new place is mixed with the loss of an old one. The joy of meeting new people is balanced by the holes left from leaving old friends. We are really enjoying being close to family, Grandma can keep Jonah one afternoon a week, and come watch both kids one night a week. We really miss the community in Clifton Park, knowing where everything is, know who everyone is at work. This getting to know another 1000 people is hard work!

Noah was here for the big move, as soon as his bike came off the truck he was happy! I guess the neighbors down the street at the dead end know all about us, and we've never been down the street! It won't take long for him to get connected in July.

  • Pics from top to bottom:
  • Jonah and Miriam in their little house in front of the big one.
  • Jonah and Grandma Lynda in the sprinklers.
  • Noah and Jonah in the fort.
  • Miriam and Grandpa Hackbart


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