Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Life

Butterflies flew out of the Easter basket cocoon in my children's sermon on Easter Sunday. The kids tried to put them back in, and they wouldn't fit.
People have been trying for 2000 years to put Jesus back in the tomb, and he won't go either.
Any more than little Kailey will return to the warm, cozy womb that she emerged from last month.
A new life in Chirst means you can't ever go back to the old life. You are born again, made new, re-created. You are ressurected from whatever sin-filled death held you yesterday or last week.
My boys are fighting and friends in the same 3 minute period. They get so very angry over rule violations, but put it all behind them when they say "I'm sorry" and "I forgive you". Just I'm sorry doesn't really do much, I've noticed. The I forgive you is a new beginning, and things can go forward without the fight.
Christ is Risen
Christ is Risen, Indeed!


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