Friday, May 11, 2007

Pick up Sticks

My son continually asks me "what can fly in the wind?" I think up things like leaves, flower petals, pieces of paper. He guesses tractor tires and trucks. I guess he is right. The tornado in Greensburg, Kansas tossed trucks around like tinker-toys.

The winds of life blow us around too, unless we are tethered to something stronger than the wind. The knots that tie us to Christ and the unmovable foundation that is His Love are many and varied.




A child's smile

An Elder's thanks

Songs of praise and thanksgiving

Psalms of lament and fear

Knowing that someone is holding the other end of the rope who loves us with a strength greater than any tornado, hurricane, flood or fire.

Peace to all who are blown about by the disasters of this world. May you find strength and comfort at the end of your rope.

See more pictures of Greensburg Here.

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