Friday, April 18, 2008

Another clay pot kind of day

Today is another clay pot kind of day, the skies are grey, and even though the ice is finally leaving the lake, it's hard to remember that it is Spring. the kids are sick, someone stole my purse, and it's the last weekend at this call...

So it's helpful to read today's lesson: Acts 7:1-16 reminding us about Abraham, and Sara, Joseph and all those slaves in Egypt.

The reminder is: God was there, and God is here too.

I don't know what the official governmental take on this year is, but according to my family and friends and personal experience, we're in a recession. People are loosing jobs left and right, the housing market makes it impossible to move down to a smaller place, and gas prices keep shooting through the roof. UGG!
Abraham and Sarah trusted God through some pretty impossible promises: You will be the parents of a great nation, even though you have not yet had any kids in 90 years. You will Bless all Nations, but your descendants will be slaves of a great nation for generations. Even your attempts at circumventing my promises will bring a great nation into being.

What does God promise us? I will send you my Spirit, and I will be with you always.

Even when your position is eliminated 6 months before retirement.
Even when the bank forecloses on the house you've tried so hard to keep.
Even when all the medicine and diets in the doctor's book can only keep your child's seizures in the single digit range per day, not the 30's.
Even when you loose everything, or what feels like everything.

God is there. God's Spirit is with you, God's promise is everything, and no one, and nothing can separate you from that promise!

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