Wednesday, May 14, 2008

If you plant a garden in a forest

The forest will take it back!

We plant six-packs of Impatiens; the willow drops millions of seeds.

We till and get in two rows of corn and potatoes; the black walnut employs twenty squirrels to plant two thousand seeds.

We divide the mums every year; the forsythia puts out 30 shoots, every year.

We'll never win. The forest, or the desert, or the prairie, or the ocean will always win in the end, even if we humans have some short term gains. Especially since our lifetimes even are short term to the forest.

This is bad if you are trying to raise food for your family under tree cover, as many subsistence farmers need to do.
This is annoying if you want to have a nice flower garden among the maples.
This is a challenge to be met day after day if you are trying to farm in Arizona.

This is GOOD NEWS if you are a child, parent, grandparent, or friend of anyone.


Because God is more persistent than the forest will ever be. Once God claims us as a child of God, we are always loved. Loved to death, in fact. Nothing can separate us from the love of God. Nothing.

We turn aside from God and seek material gain; God moves the path back in front of us.

We choose to sleep in on Sunday Morning; God shows up with the Monday paper.

We turn away and run pell-mell into the darkness; God follows patiently behind with a big, indestructible, never ending flashlight.

This is just plain good news. Whether you are the one running, or you are praying for someone you know who seems to be heading the wrong direction. God will always follow, and be ready to take you back. God is listening to the prayers and dropping hundereds and thousands of little love helicopers in the world, ready to grow into the new life of Christ.

Thanks be to God!

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