Friday, August 22, 2008

In the good ole' Summer Time!

It's almost time for school and the inevitable "What I did this Summer"
We had picnics in the back yard, and thoroughly enjoyed the swingset.
We made new friends and decided we need gates in the fence.
We went to the cabins, and Grandma's house and camping and a (very little) fishing.
We rode in boats and picked 'taters and planted 'maters.

We had Summer fun!

We went to the Indian Museum in Mille Lacs, Kelly's Farm in Elk River, the Fur Post, the Mill City Museum, the Children's Museum, and the History Center.

It's been busy and fun and sweaty and swimmy. We've had lots of baths and showers because the kids were dirty! In a great, summer fun sort of day.

I hope your summer was just as much fun!

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