Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Is it Green, or just lean?

Little J turns 7 years old today! He's been pedaling around on a little 16in bike that was handed down from big brother, and probably picked up at a garage sale before that. Not that it didn't work, it was a fabulous bike, but he really was getting a little long-legged on it. OK, he looked like the big kids who ride 20in trick bikes.

So we found him a new 20 inch bike that should last him well into middle school, if not high school. (depending on his growth rate and current fashion) Doesn't he look happy! This pic was taken a full hour before school and it's only about 50 outside!

Here's my rhetorical question: Is it any greener for him to ride the bike, as the bus goes past with his classmates riding? He takes the bus in the snow, but is switching to riding his bike.

Now, it's never a bad thing for him to ride, obviously it's good exercise. There is a great path from the end of our street all the way to school, and crossing guards. He gets home faster than the bus when he rides, and has made a new friend in the bargain. Yeah for warmer weather!


  1. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Happy Birthday, Jonah. You are looking good. Ride or bus, depends on the weather. Have fun. Grandma

  2. absolutely greener to ride the bike - think what he is learning from it! It's fun to ride a bike. I don't have to ride the bus when I can ride a bike. If it's close enough to bike, who needs a car? Everyone should ride a bike. (-;