Friday, July 09, 2010

At the cabin

I wish I had more photos, or I wish I could get them off my camera... so more pics to come.

We're at the Cabin, on Serpent Lake in Minnesota. Like 10,000 other lakes, there is water, and fish, and sun. There are 5 cousins, ages 4-10 who are having a blast swimming all day! Two grandparents, now four parents, and two dogs. It's a beautiful time.

The raspberries are coming in, and while the kids are a GREAT help, they don't have the staying power that knowing the price of 1/2 pint of the dry red berries in a store. We picked two gallons today, and made two pies. Jam tomorrow!

The lake water is just the right temperature, and the days have been warm and sunny.

How is your summer?

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