Monday, February 18, 2008

A new perspective

The world from three feet above the floor..

I spend my life looking at things from a perspective at about 5 feet above the floor. That's where my eyes are. Every once in a while I wonder what the world looks like from 6 feet up. This winter I got a view of the world from three feet up. Jonah took a bunch of pictures from his perspective. One suddenly sees a great deal more cabinetry, and not as much counter top, lots of legs and not as many faces, dogs and cats are bigger, and probably scarier.

God asks us to look at things from a new place: Love.

Love sees hearts, not homes.
Love sees ability, not disability.
Love sees possibilites, not dead ends.

Love sees loss, but also sees hope.
Love sees pain, and does not leave.
Love sees tears, and wipes them away.

Thank God for looking at the Love.

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