Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This I believe

I don't think I ever felt so small and alone as when I started first grade at Christ Lutheran School in Murray, Utah. It didn't help that it was November, and I had just moved to town. Everyone else had been to Kindergarten together, and they all knew each other. They had gotten used to the teacher, and I was just new.

Miss Hughes is the first teacher I remember. She had a big desk at the front of the room, and I think she was really old. We learned our ABC's and 123's. We had a bible verse to memorize, and chapel every Wednesday. I'm sure the pastor who led chapel was really old too. I was afraid of Miss Hughes, and pretty sure that she wasn't really human.

This I believed!

At the end of my tenure at Christ Lutheran, after finishing 6th grade, my family visited Miss Hughes in her home. We ate a normal dinner, and then us kids listened to "Jesus Christ Superstar" on the record player. By this time, I'd grown up. I'd reached my full height of 5 feet, 2 inches, and had travelled around the world. Going into Miss Hughes' home was still frightening. She was the First Grade Teacher. By the end of the night, I finally met Miss Hughes. She wasn't inhuman, and she wasn't very old.

I think it was the record player, and the rock music that convinced me that my First Grade Teacher was really a nice lady.
I think it was some of the songs I heard around campfires at Lutheran Bible camp that convinced me that Jesus really loved me!

This I believe.

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