Thursday, February 04, 2010

Bag Lady!

I've been sewing in response to a request for Snac Sacs for one of the boys in Miriam's pre-school class and the intention of getting an ETSY shop up and running. The Big Boat shop, of course! 

Here's what I made for Carson: A three bag set in blue with a Dino on the front of the large Sac. The Dino is purple on the bag I made for Carson. This set should be just right for lunch.

Then I worked on a girl's set with a sandwich Wrap instead of a large Sac. 

The Wrap opens up to become your placemat! The Snac Sacs can fit inside the wrap, if your sandwich isn't too big, or when you're all done. I think I'll make a matching napkin to go with this set.

Here's my favorite have-with-me-always bag! It folds up into its own pocket, and is the size of a cell phone! Holds a whole grocery sac worth of stuff. There's a half gallon of milk and loaf of bread in this on and it's not even full.

I'll make an active link to my shop when I get it up and running! Now I'm off to pick up the Communications and Security Officers! (aka my kidlets)

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