Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winter is beautiful!

What do you get when you combine Bins of CrayPas, Blue Construction Paper and First Graders? 
Art, of course!
Inspired by Deep Space Sparkle's Winter scene, did our own little winter project. 
Set-up was easy: My little helper and I put one piece of blue construction paper at each stool, and a paint tray with the Cray-pas: black brown, white and red.
The children started with the snow, filling in with the white pastel. I asked them to make the line in the bottom third of the paper, and not to make it too straight.
The tree was next. Using black and brown they drew a leafless tree from the snow to the top of the page.  Everyone has their own image of a tree!

To finish they added a little red squirrel. I even had a table set up for the kids to spatter-paint snow falling on their picture. They had a blast!

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