Friday, March 19, 2010

More Spring happyness!

I know, it's still March, and Show is inevitable in Minnesota in March or April, but 6 50+ degree days have warmed my blood, and I'm sure that Spring will actually return! The Rhubarb is making its way through the mulch to fill a pie crust someday!

The Iris were green when I raked off their bed for the first time this spring, they are small, but they will be blooming before I turn around.

The best thing growing in the yard, in my opinion, are the neighbors! Finally all those kids who scurry to the bus stop, and scoot right back home are appearing after 4:15 and riding bikes! Yesterday was cloudy, but still in the 50's and there were 6 kids in the driveway! Rip Sticks, RC cars, Chalk, and energy. It was a beautiful thing!

This one was jumping for joy! Me too, to be honest!

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