Monday, March 31, 2008

Jesus in the Old Testament

Tremble, O Earth, at the presence of the Lord, who turned the hard rock into a pool of water, and flint stone into a flowing spring. (Ps. 114, ELW)

It is still snowing in Minnesota. This should not be particulary shocking to anyone who has lived here for long, but it's getting annoying. We can finally see the grass and it gets all covered up again! It's a gentle reminder that I'm not in charge of the weather. I asked the two 4 year olds that I picked up from preschool today, "who said it could snow?" One of them answered without a pause "Jesus."

Jesus can calm the waves and quiet the winds, I guess he can send snow on Easter Sunday. God who created the heavens and the earth can hold back the seas, make the stones cry out, and turn the rock of Christ's Tomb into a one-way street to salvation.

That same God has written your name in the Book of Life, knows every hair on your head, and has plans for you that are good, very good. God watches over your goings in and your goings out, your smiles and frowns, your work and your play.

Thanks be to God!

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  1. It amazes me how much a four year old already knows. They absorb even when we don't think they understand and remind us when we forget.:-)