Tuesday, June 15, 2010

15 Days of Rain

Will do wonders for your garden, and your grass, and the weeds! The snow peas are about 4 feet tall, and blooming like crazy. I planted a yellow-podded variety. Pretty, I think.

In between the pea trellises are new cucumber plants, they are starting to bloom, even though they haven't gotten their vines yet.

Other things are doing great, mint, chives and cilantro. The basil is being slow. One potato plant is huge, the others are pretty small. and then there are the mystery plants. Did I plant them, did the kids plant them, what are they exactly?


  1. OOOOOooo... I love watching a garden grow! Sadly, I have limited space and will have to watch from afar. Keep the pictures coming!

  2. We had mystery plants once. They turned out to be pumpkins lol! Escaped from the compost bin apparently. That was a fun surprise!