Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Best Birthday GIft!

My father came to visit from his home in central Kansas, two or three gardening zones ahead of Minnesota. He's also got 3.5 acres and a lifetime of farming and gardening to draw upon. His contribution to my birthday dinner was 7 quarts of strawberries.

Fresh from his garden. Judging from this picture he took the morning he drove up, I don't think he'll miss those 7 quarts. There are more to come. My family thought that the fresh berries were almost as good as the fresh rhubarb crisp we made from our local spring fruit. J liked a bowl of berries with a little cream on top.

What's you favorite spring garden treat?


  1. YUMMY! I LOVE summer and the fruit that comes with it! The berries from your dad's strawberry patch looks fantastic!

  2. Oh, I nearly forgot; HAPPY BIRTHDAY!