Tuesday, June 01, 2010

VIctoria Day

I got to visit my N for his Victoria Day holiday! What a joy to be escorted around Vancouver by such a fabulous host. Even if he did tend to ride off ahead once in a while!

This shot of the constantly moving tour guide is in Stanley Park, and on Victoria Day there were loads of people. People sitting, picnicking, walking, riding, skating, just enjoying the day outdoors.

Our favorite site was Capilano Suspension Bridge A really wonderous park just outside North Vancouver..
The trees were HUGE! Of course, this is coming from a girl living on the edge of the prairie, where trees are generally stunted. This coastal rain forest was a really vivid green that can't be captured on film, or in pixels.
This place rivals one of my all-time favorite destinations; Muir Woods. The trees in California are a little bigger, and the undergrowth a little thicker, but I loved the feeling of height here in Capilano. What is your favorite outdoor destination?

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