Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Back in the Saddle

If I could blog straight from my  thoughts and eyes, and bypass the typing and futzing with photos part altogether, you'd have seen many more posts in the last 2 years! But all good things take time and energy, so here goes!

Spring is back in Minnesota with the impatience of a Kindergartner. We didn't get much snow at all this winter, and I could have dug up the garden and planted potatoes in March, when I usually escape the 20 inches of snow in my yard and go to Kansas for Spring! 

The Peas are about 3 inches tall, as are the Nasturtiums, and I just saw the beginnings of my Morning Glories! I've planted Chard, and a few purple beans, but I really need to get the garden going. I want Beets this year, and I'm still looking for purple Potatoes. 

New this year is The Big Boat Natural Bath and Body! I started making bath bombes for Christmas and really enjoy it! I found a great little store in Hastings to consign with. The owner is a massage therapist and my new essential oil consultant. I REALLY can't stand artificial scents, so I won't use them. Instead I find the good essential oils smell better and may have a positive effect on the skin and soul. Now I'm experimenting with solid lotion bars, and I love them!

Ciao! and may your May be beautiful!


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