Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Sunny Morning!

It's such a beautiful morning after a rainy day, I had to take my breakfast outside. I discovered what might be a new favorite: peaches and cream.

All the bananas were gone, so I grabbed a jar of my mother's canned peaches and a dollop of my favorite greek yogurt. a dash of almond milk and perfection in a jar! Did you know that Oster blender bases fit small-mouth canning jars! I didn't have to dirty the whole blender jar for a couple cups of breakfast.

I love my Mom's canning! Dad buys a case or two of peaches that are just on the edge of "turning", he gets them for a song, I think. ('cept my Dad can't sing??) Mom sits in the kitchen to blanch, peel, and cut the big orange globes of God's goodness, and fills all these quart jars. YUMMO!

Thing 3's lunch of choice is a thermos of peaches and a serving of applesauce. It's time to make a Kansas run soon!

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  1. Anonymous4:53 PM

    If all goes well, we will have our own peaches this year!