Friday, January 18, 2008

growing in the light

For Christmas this year I received an amaryllis bulb and a pot for the flower. The poor bulb followed it's internal clock and started growing inside the box before I even opened it up. In the dark, this living bulb grew about six inches worth of flower bud and stalk, but it was white.

White is the color of mushrooms and asparagus grown in the dark. Since there is no light available to transform into food by the chlorophyll, the chlorophyll just doesn't appear.

Now, I opened the box, moistened the soil and planted my bulb. I have set it in a window and in just a day or two it turned green. The stalks are straightening up and growing toward the light outside. Dear plant doesn't realize it's below zero out there, it's just sunny!

If we live in the darkness, there are loads of gifts and talents that remain dormant, like the chlorophyll in the amaryllis. Sure, it was growing, but wouldn't reach it's full potential in the dark.

In the light, in Jesus' light, we grow to our full potential.

We are prophets and priests, healers and leaders, speakers and interpreters. We bear fruit of kindess, gentleness, self control, and peace.

In the light of God's Son, and the water of God's Spirit, God grows a great people.

Walk wet, living in your baptisim every day.

Walk in the the light of Christ, and let your gifts bloom.

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