Monday, January 28, 2008

The Sun was warm today!

In my attempt at finding next week's readings for study, I stumbled across Malachi 4:2; "But for you who fear my name, the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in its wings."

Yesterday, the sun felt warm on my shoulder on the way home from Church. It had not felt warm for at least a week, as temperatures around here struggled to rise above 0 degrees F. Even on the sunniest days, which were usually the coldest, the sunshine didn't feel warm.

I hadn't noticed that I missed it, until it came back. Sunday's temperature hovered above freezing, and allowed the warmth of the sun to penetrate the van window on the drive home.

The warm sun felt good, and right.

God's Sun of Righteousness comes to heal and to warm. Jesus was the light of the world.

Only in our modern times have we been able to create light without heat.
Our days get dark, and cold, sometimes because the jet stream dips down from Canada, sometimes because things happen that cloud our heart. We shut down, shut out, and shiver in our loneliness and hopelessness. Somedays are cold and lonely because a loved one is gone, a relationship is crumbling, or health is failing. Even though we can look out the window and see the sun, we can't seem to feel the warmth.

Keep looking! Even when the thremometer dips below reasonable temperatures, the sun is still warm. In Minnesota, it won't ever be too long before the sun shines warm!

Even when we sit in darkness, we can be sure that the Sun is out there shining for us!

Are you sitting in the darkness, surrounded by light?
Is it so cold in your heart that you can't feel God's love?
Are you so lost that you think you'll never be found again?

May the Sun Shine warm in you, around you, and for you.

May the Spirit wrap you in the comfort of her wings.

May God gather you up like a little lamb and let you go free. "leaping with joy like calves let out to pasture"


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