Sunday, November 15, 2009

Back in the boat

It's been too many months. For reasons know and unknown, I haven't made the words of my heart known as the words of my fingers. But I'm back and the words are burning holes in my mind.
I've been leading Art Adventures for Jonah's first grade class. With the MIA, a group of volunteers go into clasrooms to share great art with the newest great artists. I got so excited about spending my tuesdays doing art with the kids, I asked if I could continue on my own. So I started to browse art project ideas. From that artist woman, and on around the community of art teacher bloggers. Then I stumbled on some unschooling-homeschooling blogs. My favorite at the moment is Ordinary Life Magic and 5 Orange Potatoes. Lovely photos, and fun crafts and experiments.
Makes me feel a little bad for not homeschooling my precious little ones!

But wait, isn't a day trip to the Kelly Historic Farm for Threshing day a serious home-schooling activity?

And reading at the cabin, not to mention anywhere else?

And things I don't have photos of:

Cooking, baking and eating.

Painting, drawing and building mable mazes.

Discussing the origin of babies and broccoli and chickens at all hours of the day.

I could not avoid homeschooling my kids, and vacationschooling and weekendschooling. Everywhere they go they ask and they learn.

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  1. Anonymous4:48 PM

    parents are the #1 teachers, first and most important, no matter what type of formal schooling there is.