Friday, January 22, 2010

Fair Trade fancies!

Ready for a cuppa? One of my favorite places here in the Twin Cities is Dunn Bros Coffee. They roast their own coffee in each store, and have better prices than the competition. The roasters are glad to have someone take all those burlap bags out of the corner where they stuff them. So I brought some home to stitch with. (thanks maya*made for getting me thinking!) 

My first attempt was a simple tote. 

Unwashed coffee bag, I trimmed it down to a nice size, made a simple nylon lining, and a self-fabric strap. I just loved the Fair Trade globe logo on this bag! It's holding two half-gallons of soy milk, a bag of wheat flour and oranges!
Since it was a coffee bag, I made a couple cup cozees. I'm still working out the details on this one. I like the big button!
I've done a really crooked little purse, too. I don't think I'll even photograph it.

Next up, messenger tote!

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