Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sapo, the Feel Better Frog

The making of "Feel Better Frog"

A dear friend is scheduled for a hospital visit, so it was time to get sewing. Her recent FB post noted that she needed a stuffie of some sort, and we're a praying sort of family. So, the Feel Better Frog was born. 
I started with the Purl Frog pattern from the Purl Bee. Then I stretched out the middle to make it more of an eye-pillow length, and made it in green fleece. 
We filled our frog with 1c rice and 1/2 c flax seed, and added two drops essential oil of lavender and cardamom. J said a prayer over a little white button, and M picked out the pink one I used for the heart. J's is tucked inside the frog. This is for a grown-up friend, so buttons are OK, but I might make some for babies with embroidered eyes, and all the prayer buttons tucked inside. 

Rice and flax filling is great for the small limbs of this frog, and you can pop him in the micro for a minute for a little heating pad. The scents are optional, of course. 

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  1. That's excellent! What a great idea!