Saturday, January 23, 2010

Messenger bag!

My first messenger bag!

I found the tutorial here on mmmcrafts. so I had to try!  

The bag is made from a Dunn Bros Coffee bag. (with and iron-on interfacing) The lining is from a huge roll of navy blue nylon I found at Hidden Treasures! (my fave thrift shop!) 

I made the pocket inside the flap from an old pair of Jonah's jeans. The strap is from the local arm-navy store. And, of course the thread came from the stash in my basement. The only new material in this bag is the interfacing. 

I really should keep this one for the soon-to-open ETSY shop, but I think I'll give SIL Leslie first dibs, since she did her semester abroad in Kenya. Plus I've learned a bit about centering the logo for the flap! Otherwise the whole bag took me about an hour, and the directions were really helpful!


  1. loving the coffee bag turned messenger bag! thanks for the linkage and nice words too. have a super day!

  2. Do you use something to keep it closed, either on the flap or on the inside?