Thursday, January 28, 2010

One! a card game

M's doing really well recognizing her numbers, so we moved on to letters! Since our favorite game in the house is "UNO!" I made up cards with the letters of the alphabet on one side, and J's sight words on the other. Then I printed them on four colors of construction paper. We play like "UNO!" M's young enough that seeing the cards ahead of play, as well as the colors, makes no difference. Playing with the sight words is fun too, since M's learning the words along with big brother. 

I moved up from printing small cards on construction paper, to making real cards out of business card stock. I made a set for M's preschool. One letter and one sight word per card, then printed the cards in three colors. The kids love it! Even if you used old business cards and wrote the words, or letters in three or four colors of ink, that would work, and be really low-tech and eco friendly!

It's still a good game to play at lunch time!

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