Monday, January 25, 2010

I Made it Myself!

Thanks to Fritz and his loan of a new circular saw, check it out! It's our new card holder! Miriam especially has trouble holding a hand of cards, so I've been playing with ideas. Here's the final product. 

Start with one 2x4, I had a 4' length. I marked two lines about 1 inch from one edge and one inch apart. 
Then I set the saw at a 15deg angle, and a depth that wouldn't go all the way through the board. Clamping the board to my work surface, and wearing the saftey goggles that Jonah insisted I put on, I cut the two angled slots the length of the board. Then I cut the board in 9" lengths. 

I sanded the ends, and even folded a piece of sandpaper and sanded the slots. I should paint or finish these, but it was getting too cold in the garage! Plus the kids wanted to play Kings in the Corner, so that will have to wait.
It worked perfectly. M and J can see all their cards without laying them on the table for all to see. If I knew where to get the long maple blocks like Grandpa Green used to make, they would make a really fancy one.

I also got the 4x8 sheet of white board cut into 10x15 inch boards for Jonah's art class. Fritz's saw is now dusty, but work got done! 

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  1. Grma Barb8:24 AM

    Cant wait to play with the kids and use these. They are great.
    Love Mom