Sunday, January 31, 2010

I just hate it.... ( not a crafty blog, a pastory one)

I just hate it when God loves the people I love to hate!  The poor, the sick, the ones in prison, the ones with purple spots, the people who butter their bread underneath!

Ok, really, that's exactly what I love about God. God challenges the world's definitions of worth, value and propriety. God loves the Vikings and the Packers, God loves the Wildcats and the Jayhawks. God is bold enough to love Osama Bin Laden and Barak Obama!

Hey, that means, God just might love me! Even if I'm not at my ideal weight, underemployed, or slightly less patient than Job. God looks at me like I look at my kids who are jumping on the couch, not cleaning their rooms, and crying. I'm thinking, someday they'll turn out to be something great, I just have to wait.

That also means that God for sure loves you! Even if you can't sew a straight stitch, or play a concert on the violin, or make a million dollars throwing footballs around, God thinks you are Awesome! In fact, the smaller you feel, the more God loves you! This God has a soft spot for the youngest sons, the regrettable daughters, the widows and orphans who get pushed to the side in our world.

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